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We're proud to work with the following top-tier cannabis breeders to give you easy access to buying quality marijuana seeds online. All of the seeds are grown and bred in the United States. Our featured breeders have developed a wide variety of strains from your favorite indicas and sativas to high-CBD and landrace options.  Our lineup is always changing, so make sure to follow us on Instgram for all of the latest additions and exclusive drops.


A culmination from over 20 years of passion, love and hard work, Professor P and Dynasty Genetics have been dedicated to providing stable, medicinal cannabis strains, while striving to preserve and stabilize existing genetics. 

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Relic Seeds

With over 20 years of cannabis growing & breeding experience, Dynasty Genetics founder, Professor P, established Relic Seeds with the goal to streamline his genetic salvation efforts and share collected heirlooms, landrace and unique CBD varieties with future generations to come. Amidst much of the gene pool becoming diluted and disappearing at a rapid rate, there has been concern throughout the cannabis community at a global level. 

Since launching Relic Seeds, we’ve experienced huge support and camaraderie from fellow preservationists around the globe, which has spurred worldwide collaborations with collectors of some of the most sought after genes of the pre-legalization era.


Breeding out of CO, RockyMountainHigh719 has been growing and expanding his knowledge and seed vault for years. Best known for his Orange Flambe, he has made some heaters and his uncle stone male has caught the attention of some of the most well known breeders.

His strains and collaborations with others are a must have for anyone looking to add some serious terps to their seed library. 

Sin City Seeds

With 20 years of cultivation experience and over 200 unique varieties created SinCity Seeds is among the worlds most respected cannabis breeders. SinCitySeeds is a dedicated group of medical marijuana breeders who strive to bring new large yielding DANK crosses to the masses.
All while keeping a compassionate outlook and never profiteering off sick people.


Their releases are FULLY TESTED and nothing less than their all goes into every pack. They practice TRUE BREEDING with meticulous male selection and testing. 

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Beyond Hype Seed Co

Beyond Hype Seed Company is the culmination of a love for the plant and an interest in genetics. Having seen the direction breeding has gone with a lot of people using the same hype genetics, with little to no testing, Beyond Hype decided to go in a different direction. Beyond Hype is here to bring new flavors and diversity to market.

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