Charlotte’s Web x Ringo’s Gift


High CBD/low THC


Name:  Charlotte’s Gift


Lineage: Charlotte’s Web x Ringo’s Gift F3


Parental info:

      Mom: Charlotte’s Web is a legendary high CBD cultivar with proven medicinal properties that have helped many people across the globe. 7-8 week bloom time and high yields are passed on to the progeny.

  Dad: Ringo’s Gift F3 male (F1s originally bred by CBD pioneer, Lawrence Ringo) is a result from over three years of work selectively breeding for sexual and chemotypical stability. This male has been selected from a very large population and had the most massive flower clusters out of the genepool. His high CBD & low THC chemotypic traits are dominant amongst all of his offspring, which helps provide a predictable effect for patients.


Category: Type 3

THC:  .3-.6% 

CBD: 10-15%

Environment(s): Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse

Stretch:  .75-1.5x

Bloom time: 7-8weeks, end of September outdoors

Top Terpenes: beta-Myrcene, Linalool, alpha-Pinene, Limonene


 Description:    Charlotte’s Gift is an amazing cultivar with incredible healing properties, useful for various conditions including epilepsy, autism, anxiety, chronic pain and more.  High yielding and fast blooming qualities make this a great varietal for growers of all skill levels seeking a rich CBD plant.  Easy growing that is suitable for indoor, greenhouse or outdoors. Charlotte’s Gift is extremely resistant to many pests and pathogens, which has been great for growing north of the 45th parallel.

Aromas/flavors of pine, skunk and hints of citrus are predominant amongst the progeny.

Charlotte’s Gift

  • 12 regular seeds per pack