Mt.Hood Huckleberry F4
Lineage: Mt.Hood Huckleberry f3 x Mt.Hood Huckleberry f3

Stabilized Polyhybrid
(Original) Parental Information MOM-huckleberry 2011 Female #3 is the mother, and produces large, sugar coated colas, blue/purple in colors, and ripens in 7-8weeks… A 2011 sibling male was used in the Huckleberry Kush….The Oregon Huckleberry 2011 in a product of an ongoing 4 year inbreeding project involving the Oregon Blueberry(purple thai clone from the 80s) X Barney’s (old) Morning Glory (afghan/santa maria)..

DAD-The BlueMagoo(Dj short BB/William’s wonder F2) x Huckleberry 2007 is the male used for this line…. This male provides high potency, earthy/berry smells, nice branching(in most plants), stretch and vigor throughout the line. There was slight inter-sexual shown in the females of this line, but this male’s offspring has been very stable, with only a low % showing signs of instabilities..

Indica/Sativa %

*Indica Dominant

Indoor / Outdoor

Bloom Length: 8-9weeks

Expect the following throughout the gene pool;

*heavy trichome production

*thick, sturdy structure

*8-9week bloom time (8week from clone)

*colorful plants with hues of red, purple, and blue. scents of berry and undertones of lavender..

Stretch: 1-2x

Odour Description: berry, pine, lavender, sour fruit

Flavor Description: berry/sour candy/pine/fruit

Potency Score: 8

High Type: relaxing, medicinal pain-reliever, “high ceiling”

Mt.Hood Huckleberry F4

  • 10 regular seeds per pack