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Moose and Lobsta V2 (Kali Snapple x Oregon Huckleberry 5)

Height: 3’-6’ indoors and 10’+ outdoor. 1.5-2X stretch

Weight (yield): Heavy Flowering time in days: 63-75 days Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Sativa dom 70/30

The Moose And Lobsta is a strain we bred in dedication to our extended family in Maine, and their passion for helping others with medicinal cannabis. After our first ever cannabis event in Maine, we have returned every year since then, making it a “home away from home”. Composed from two of our favorite strains, this hybrid has a unique profile unlike anything we’ve grown or bred to this date. Tropical smells infused with gassy/petroleum undertones makes this strain very inviting to finicky pallets that prefer OG and/or diesel strains. Due to the sativa dominancy, the majority of plants from this offspring prefer a larger root system and room to stretch (generally 1.5-2x stretch). Yield will be directly related to the root mass size and how the canopy is managed. We have found this to be a great plant for scrog since it has a good stretch to nicely fill in the canopy. The flowers of Moose and Lobsta have a great visual look to them, with an intriguing fade that ranges from peach, orange, maroon, and purple. High yields and potent blossoms made this an instant hit with our testers.Overall, this is an easy plant to grow and just needs a bit of room to stretch when flipped to bloom. Be sure to train her accordingly and prevent her from growing into your lights. Taste (burned and unburned): guava/kiwi/pineapple/tropical fruit with a hint of petrol/roadkill. Scent (burned/unburned): sweet tropical with old school skunk What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: slightly airy looking, but dense with crystals and amazing trichome population density. Speed of high onset: instant Duration of high: several hours, to a daywrecker status depending on tolerance and amount smoked. Quality/type of high: Initial head high, rushes down to the body and all limbs.. Incredible intensity on all facets (mind/body/soul) Medicinal qualities: great for neurological and physical pain, as well as depression, anxiety increased appetite, MS and more.The flavors come thru very nicely with tropical fruits in the front of the palette, followed by fuel/diesel exhale and hints of pineapple. The smooth subtle flavor is very deceiving until it’s followed by intense expansion, coughing and watery eyes. This strain can be quite strong, so it’s best if used in moderation.

Moose and Lobsta v2

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  • 10 seeds per pack

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