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(Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Ms.Universe #10)


THE STORY: Ralph's mom, better known as nurse Mary, was a natural leader and inspirational in the advancement of nursing specialty. As a mentor to many nurses over her career, her positive influence impacted countless numbers of patients. Her legacy lives on in the profession she helped to refine. Mary was a nurse, scholar, mentor, and fierce advocate. Leading trips to Guatemala to teach health care workers how to use medical devices that aid in childbirth after her retirement from the hospital. In addition to all this she was an incredible wife and mother to her family. This beautiful cultivar represents her in so many ways, from its beauty to its amazing medicinal properties. Truly honored for this collab with Professor P.



Function and fashion collide to create this medicinal marvel. The Mother is a Platinum Huckleberry Cookies pheno that was selected by Ralph Rosinburg and the Dad is our acclaimed

Ms.Universe #10. Plants are extremely easy to grow and require little effort to obtain optimal quality.

Xmas tree structure with large, colorful, dense, spear shaped buds.

Large bulbous, granular/sandy trichomes make it an ideal solvent-less extract producer.

Smells range from sweet & sour berries, chocolate, baby poop, gas and sweet floral undertone. This strain is ideal for pain relief as it’s a hard hitter and nearly instant onset of effects. Quite heavy and sedating make it best for relaxation, pain management but not necessarily productivity.

8-9 week bloom time & approx. 1-2x stretch

Nurse Mary

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