Oregon Huckleberry IBL-2015

(Oregon Huckleberry F4 x Oregon Huckleberry Bx3)


Parental Information

MOM- The mother to this strain is an Oregon Huckleberry F4 that had been bred and selected over a five year span. She is a fast blooming plant that has very tight internode spacing and a heavy body high.

DAD- The father is an Oregon Bx3 that incorporates the Blue Magoo which adds potency and the outcrossing also added back some vigor. This Male was selected to maintain the Huckleberry characteristics without taking away from it’s medicinal quality.

Indica/Sativa %

Indica Dominant

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

Bloom Length:


# of Phenotypes?


Describe each phenotype expression:

**All plants exhibit beautiful colors and amazing smells. All plants have tremendous medicinal properties that have amazed our patients on our test runs.

Pheno#1- Dark violet/Burgandy leaves, dense buds with a pleasent Berry aroma are all very common.. Expect slight variance with bud to leaf ratio and internode spacing, but generally all other characteristics remain the same.


Pheno #2 Similar to #1, but buds shape has a little more sativa influence. Less prone to mold outdoors due to the air space between bracts, but still very good density.




Resin Profile:

High resin

Odor Score:


Odor Description:

Berries, citrus & rotten fruit

Flavour Score:


Flavor Description:

earthy berry, hints of citrus and sour fruit

Potency Score:


High Type:

immediate body high, inductive to hunger and sleep. very strong medicine

Oregon Huckleberry IBL-2015

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