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Kali Snapple x Ms.Universe #10


Sativa Dominant

Bloom Length: 9-11weeks

# of Phenotypes: 4

Flavor profile: Pineapple, Tropical fruit, haze, old school skunk


Parental Information:

Mom- Kali Snapple is an elite clone that consists or Snowbud/Pineapple x Kali Mist (pre 2000). By far the smelliest plant I’ve ever had in my garden, this trait passes down in the Pineapple fields gene pool, so be ready for extra Carbon filters if you have neighbors.

Dad-The Ms.Universe #10 has an extremely high thc content, but is a very functional and long-lasting medicine… The #10 male carries a DessTar(Starship x KaliMist) Dominancy which brings the disco balls(aka resin glands) to the party, as well as a extra coating of frosting and sweet essence of fruit, caramel and spices….. both parents were created by Professor P

Pineapple Fields

  • 10 seeds per pack

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